Who are Full Circle?

Full Circle is based in Kalgoorlie Boulder as a local non-profit community centre governed by a board of community-minded individuals.

We provide support and therapies for children and families living with autism. We offer autism specific therapy services in Applied Behaviour Analysis – ABA. ABA is the only clinically proven therapy that improves the outcome of children with autism.

Our programs are multi disciplinary, consisting of both psychology and speech pathology goals. Each program is individualised to each child’s ability and specific needs.

Although our programs are specifically designed for children with a diagnosis of ASD, each program is tailored to individual clients’ needs and abilities. If you think your child may benefit from this style of program/therapy please contact us.

If you would like to keep in touch with some of the great results of Full Circle or you would like to attend regular gatherings with parents of children on the spectrum, please follow us on Facebook.

Contact Us

Centre Co-ordinator: Keren Franklin
Phone: 0477 168 138
Email: fullcircletherapies@mail.com


“Charlotte has been in therapy at Full Circle for 18 months. The difference in her has been incredible. She is now able to hold a conversation and is progressing very well in all areas including school. I am so grateful we have Full Circle in Kalgoorlie. Tracey has been fantastic for Charlotte and the support group we have formed through Full Circle has been the best support I could have asked for.”

“Full Circle is very valuable to Kalgoorlie because of the wonderful work all the staff do with the kids. I am very grateful to Full Circle for all the help they have given to Isaak. What a fantastic organisation Full Circle is. Thank you for all the help you have given to Isaak.”